A Guide to Dysfunctional Management and the Evil Workplace
April 15th, 2012 by admin

Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw

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Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw will teach you what they didn’t teach you in Business School: how the workplace really works.

Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw is available in paperback and Kindle and Nook versions at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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If you like my blog content, you’ll love my book as it includes much more thorough research and detail about the topics found in my blog + many more topics.

For my returning guests: THANK YOU! Please know that I intend to add a new blog post every week.

My book Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw and this website are dedicated to understanding and combating the dysfunctional workplace and the proliferation of bad behavior that occurs there.

My writings address the games people play (from “pyromania” to “divide and conquer” to “stump the dummy”) and how office politics and dysfunctional management lead to evil counterproductive cultures that plague the modern workplace. I have done my best to analyze the ranks of sociopaths and sycophants that populate the average workplace and the backstabbing methods they employ to better their careers. Both the book and this blog will poke fun at the typical organizational structure and hierarchy that begets a fiefdom mentality, and fosters a lack of constructive teamwork and the uncivil behavior that permeates today’s world and workplace.

In the book you’ll discover how management and co-workers can and will sabotage your career without you even realizing it. The book exposes a pervasive management and leadership abyss, and the problems of organizational amnesia, management’s fear of surprises as well as their favorite tools of plausible deniability and blamestorming.

The book lampoons the infamous performance reviews and pay for performance processes, and analyzes the rodeo-like meeting atmospheres that employees must endure in their daily routine.

Finally, the book mixes in sage advice on how to survive the modern workplace and become a better leader in spite of what goes on around you.

This book bridges the gap between what’s taught in B-school and what’s out there in the real world of business.

The forum page is for you to sound-off, get mad as hell and share your own workplace horror stories.

The Midwest Book Review says:

“Hoping to advise new entrants into the job field in how to better deal with the corporate culture that seems to hate anything that resembles humanity, Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw” is a must for jobs/career collections. Read More

Marshall Goldsmith says:

With chapter headings that sound more like song titles on a children’s CD than true-to-life anecdotes to today’s business woes, Puttin’ Cologne on the Rickshaw humorously and cleverly describes some of the pitfalls of being in the corporate world, then helps its readers learn how to do things differently. (Read more…)

The quirky title of William Bouffard’s book, a quip he credits to a colleague who had a way of skewering employers and their companies, is indicative of the absurdities the author showcases in this wickedly funny diatribe about the contemporary workplace.

Having spent more than forty years working in various positions for numerous companies, Bouffard spares no one in his freewheeling commentary. Everyone in the workforce should be able to relate to his book because, he writes, “all organizations have their own brand of dysfunctionality.” (Read more…)